Coctel de Camrones (Mexican Shrimp Cocktail)

Also known as “Ceviche” or “Coctel de Camarones”, it’s refreshing and authentic!  With chunks of shrimp, cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocados; serve this in a large Margarita glass, on a hot summer day, with your favorite tortilla chips or saltine crackers.

shrimp cocktail1

1 1/2 lbs. cooked shrimp, peeled (good quality)
1 small SWEET Onion, finely diced (Purple onion may be used)
1 medium Tomato, diced
1 small Cucumber, peeled, seeded and diced
1 – 2 jalapenos, finely diced
1 bunch Cilantro, cleaned and finely chopped
1 ripe Avocado, peeled and diced

Cocktail Sauce:
1 1/2 cup Clamato juice
1/4 – 1/2 cup Tomato ketchup, to taste
1/4 – 1/2 cup Horseradish, finely grated (to taste)
2 – 3 fresh Limes, juiced, more for taste
1/2 – 1 tsp. Salt, to taste


Combine all of the cocktail sauce ingredients in a small mixing bowl and stir well.  Taste and adjust seasonings according.  I love horseradish, so I like adding more.  I also like a more “tart” flavored cocktail, so I add more lime juice as well.  This is the basic recipe I like using, but tweak it, all to taste.  Set this aside.

shrimp cocktail8shrimp cocktail7









For best results, use only good quality shrimp when making this.  Begin by peeling the cooked shrimp and removing any shells left.  Cut the shrimp pieces into large chunks, this will assure that you’ll have a piece of shrimp in every bite, 😉  Place the shrimp into a large mixing bowl.

NOTE:  Save a few whole pieces for garnishing.

shrimp cocktail12shrimp cocktail11











Finely dice the jalapenos and tomatoes.

shrimp cocktail10shrimp cocktail13











Peel to cucumber and cut into half, lengthwise.  Using a spoon, scoop out the center pulp and discard.  Removing this will ensure that your cocktail won’t be as watered down, while it marinates.

shrimp cocktail2











Combine all of these ingredients together with the shrimp in a large mixing bowl.

shrimp cocktail6











Stir the cocktail sauce and pour it into the shrimp mixture.  Stir to combine well.  Make sure to also add the “whole” pieces of shrimp you reserved for garnishing, that way they are also marinated.

shrimp cocktail5shrimp cocktail4











Cover with a plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator.  Marinate the cocktail for a few hours.  Serve it up in fancy glassware along with your favorite tortilla chips or saltine crackers.

shrimp cocktail3



Easy Sushi Bake

SUSHI BAKE…..definitely a real crowd pleaser  This is an easier way to serve up a favorite; eliminating the tedious and time consuming process of rolling up individual Sushi.  Bake up a batch and serve it up with seasoned toasted seaweed sheets and prepare to watch it disappear!


4 cups COOKED Sushi rice (use a stickier short grain type of rice)
1 lb. Imitation crab sticks, shredded
1 lb. baby scallops, thawed OR baby shrimp, optional
1 cup Japanese Mayonnaise, more if needed (Hellman’s REAL mayonnaise may be substituted)
1/2 cup Green onions, chopped
1 – 2 Tbsp. Sriracha hot sauce, add to your taste
1 jar Nori Furikake seaweed sprinkles
2 Tbsp. Tobiko fish roe, optional
Seaweed sheets, each cut into 4ths (I prefer the Korean sushi wraps)


Using an open fry pan, add about 2 Tbsp. vegetable oil.  On HIGH heat, brown the scallops until nicely golden and somewhat cooked.  Pour off into a colander and drain excess grease.  Set aside.

NOTE:  You can also substitute the scallops for shrimp.










Into a mixing bowl, combine the shredded imitation crab meat, the scallops, mayonnaise, green onions, and Sriracha sauce.  Stir to combine well.  Add in the Tobiko fish roe.

NOTE: You can add some prepared Wasabi paste to the mixture OR add some Wasabi Mayonnaise for a bit of a kick.  Try a different variation by using:   1 cup Sour cream mixed with 1/2 cup Hellman’s mayonnaise in place of the Japanese mayonnaise.










Now, into an 9×9-inch baking dish, (I like it a little thicker), place the cooked sushi rice into the bottom and spread throughout the pan.  Press down to compact the rice into the dish, making the first layer.

NOTE:  You can use a 9×13-inch baking dish for this recipe, just realize that the layers will be thinner.










Generously sprinkle the seaweed Furikake over top of the layer of rice.  Save some for garnishing the top of the dish!

NOTE:  A variation to this recipe, you can add a layer of thinly sliced avocado to the dish as well.  Pretty much, anything that is in a regular rolled up sushi, you can add as a layer into this dish.  BE CREATIVE!  😉










Now add the crab/mayonnaise mixture over the Furikake and spread out to cover completely.










Top with more Furikake sprinkles.










Place under the broiler and cook just to turn the top of the dish a golden color, turning the dish often to brown evenly. Keep a watchful eye on this as it will burn quickly….Serve topped on toasted Nori sushi sheets that have been cut into small rectangles.


Easy Clam Chowder

Easy Clam Chowder is just THAT EASY!  When you crave the flavors of a creamy, satisfying, chock full of clams and potatoes, kind of chowder; this is the one for you!


10 pieces Bacon, chopped
1 small Onion, chopped
2 (15 oz.) cans diced Potatoes, drained and rinsed (add more if you’d like)
3 (6.5 oz.) minced Clams (reserve the clam juice, 1 1/2 cups total)
1 cup heavy Whipping cream
2 (10 3/4  oz. cans) Cream of Celery
1/4 tsp. Salt, to taste
1/8 tsp. ground Black pepper, more to taste
1 tsp. Dill
1/4 tsp. Accent
2 Tbsp. unsalted Butter

In a large deep skillet, add the chopped bacon and fry until crisp.  Once the bacon is crisp, remove from the pan and set aside.  Pour off all but 2 tablespoons of bacon grease.










Return the pan back to the heat and bring it to MEDIUM temperature.  Add the chopped onions.










Fry the onions until golden and translucent.  Add the clam juice that was reserved from the 3 cans of minced clams.  You should have about 1 1/2 cups total, if not, add water to make up the difference.










Stir the clam juice and try to break up the bits of flavoring from the bottom of the pan, left from the bacon.  Add in the diced potatoes and stir to combine.  Bring this to a slight boil.

NOTE:  You could use fresh potatoes, but you’ll have to allow the potatoes to cook until tender for about 20-30 minutes.  I said this was an easy recipe, so using canned potatoes is a great substitute.










Add in the cans of Cream of celery and whisk to combine well.  Bring to a slight boil.










Pour in the heavy whipping cream and stir to combine well.  Add the seasonings, stirring once again.










Add in the minced clams and stir to combine well.  Add the fried bacon pieces and stir.  Bring the chowder up to a slight boil and then reduce the heat to LOW.










Add the 2 tablespoons of butter and stir, until it has melted.  Allow the chowder to cook, uncovered, for about 25 – 30 minutes to thicken slightly.  Make sure to stir the chowder often to prevent scorching the bottom.  SERVE with your favorite oyster crackers or breads.


Seasoned Taegu (Cuttlefish)

What is Taegu?  It’s a popular Korean appetizer or side dish consisting of dried and shredded cuttlefish that’s sometimes referred to as codfish. Usually sold in snack sized packages, they make great snacks that are chewy and satisfying.  Not usually common on the mainland, but are seen sold all over Hawaii, Japan, and Korea. This side dish is served at most Korean restaurants, but with this recipe; you can now create it at home.  I love using this Taegu recipe when preparing Taegu Salad:


1 (4 – 6 oz. pkg.) shredded, dried Taegu or Cuttlefish
3 Tbsp. Sesame oil
2 Tbsp. Kikkoman Soy sauce
1 Tbsp. toasted Sesame seeds
2 Tbsp. Honey
1 Tbsp. Paprika
1 tsp. Garlic salt
1/2 tsp. Accent or Ajinomoto
1/2 tsp. ground Cayenne pepper
1/2 cup Green onions, thinly sliced

This is the brand of Taegu or Cuttlefish that I was able to purchase in my area.  Buy what you can in your area.  Just make sure to purchase the PLAIN flavored ones.










In a medium sized pot, boil some water.  Remove the water from the heat. Now take the package of cuttlefish and add this to the hot water, allow the cuttlefish to steep in the water so that the seasonings, salt, etc. that is usually packed with the dried cuttlefish can be removed.










Drain the cuttlefish and squeeze dry using the palms of your hands. Cut into half using a knife; also cut any long pieces you may notice.  Place into a mixing bowl, set this bowl aside.










Now, using a smaller mixing bowl, combine the rest of the ingredients.  Stir to combine well; add the green onions and mix thoroughly.










Now pour this mixture over the prepared Taegu; using your CLEAN hands, mix to combine thoroughly.  Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.  This can be eaten as a snack or appetizer or served alongside your favorite Korean or Chamorro dishes! ENJOY!

NOTE:  This is the same seasoned Taegu that I use to prepare my Taegu Salad. Here is the link to this amazing salad:


Honey Walnut Shrimp

HONEY WALNUT SHRIMP!  An easy to prepare, Hong Kong style Chinese dish, with it’s crispy batter-fried shrimp tossed in a creamy sauce then topped with sugar coated walnuts, what’s not to love?  Give my recipe a try!


1 lb. large or jumbo Shrimp, raw, peeled, and deveined
1 cup Walnuts halves
2 cups Water
1/2 cup granulated Sugar
4 cups Water
2 Tbsp. Honey
2 – 3 cups Vegetable oil, for deep frying and also frying the walnuts
1/2 cup Cornstarch
2 Egg whites
2 Tbsp. Honey
1/2 cup Hellman’s Mayonnaise
1 Tbsp. white Vinegar
1/4 – 1/2 tsp. Salt, adjust to taste
1/4 tsp. Accent seasoning
3 Tbsp. sweetened Condensed milk

Lets begin by preparing the walnuts. Bring the 2 cups of water to a hard boil.  Add the walnuts and allow this to boil for about 10 minutes.  Drain and set aside.











Heat the 4 cups of water along with the 1/2 cup sugar and bring this to a boil.  Add the blanched walnut again and allow this to boil for 10 more minutes.











While the walnuts are boiling, let’s prepare the sauce.  In a bowl, combine the mayonnaise, honey, salt, accent, condensed milk, and vinegar.  Stir to combine well.  Set this aside.











Once the walnuts are done boiling, drain the water.  Add 2 tablespoons of honey to the walnuts and toss to coat.  Set aside.











Now, separate the eggs and reserve the yolks for another use.  Place the egg whites in a bowl and beat them. Now pour it over the shrimp and toss to coat all pieces.  Set this aside.











Heat about 2 tablespoons vegetable oil in a wok.  Add the walnut/honey mixture and toss to cook for about 2 minutes; making sure to stir often so that it doesn’t scorch.











Remove the walnuts and set aside until you’re ready for them.











Now, wash your wok and add enough oil to deep fry the shrimp.  While the oil is heating; toss the shrimp/egg whites together with the cornstarch.











Once the oil has heated up, add a few pieces of shrimp at a time; do not overcrowd the pan.  Stir the shrimp until it turns golden on all sides.  Cook for about 2  minutes, DO NOT OVERCOOK the shrimp!  Keep it slightly undercooked at this stage since we’ll be cooking it more during the last step.











Remove and drain on paper towels.  Continue cooking the rest of the shrimp until completely done.











Once the shrimp pieces are all done; pour off all of the oil from the wok and return the wok to the burner.  Add the reserved sauce that you made earlier.  Stir the sauce for about a minute to heat it up.











Now, add the cooked shrimp and the walnuts.











Toss these ingredients in the sauce to completely coat.  Cook over the heat for about 2 – 3 minutes, stirring often.  Pour onto a serving plate and if you’d like, garnish the dish with toasted sesame seeds and green onions.  Serve immediately!


Golai Hagun Suni with Mussels (Coconut Spinach with Mussels)

Golai Hagun Suni is another one of those traditional island dishes; typically made with fresh taro leaves, fresh grated Tumeric, and freshly grated and squeezed coconut milk.  BUT because we don’t have access to those fresh ingredients, we’re forced to improvise; luckily we’re not forced to sacrifice flavor!  I always make a large batch of this recipe because I don’t make it often, usually only during special occasions.  The flavor you’ll experience with this dish is none you’ve ever tasted.  Between the Tumeric, coconut milk, and the lemons; it’s gonna be a flavor explosion in your mouth.  Give my recipe a try….. 😉


Serve with steamed rice for a full meal OR leave out the mussels and serve it as a side dish….

2 Tbsp. Vegetable oil
1 medium Onion, chopped
6 – 8 fresh Garlic, finely chopped
5 (16 oz.) bags frozen chopped Spinach, thawed and squeezed
4 cups Water
4 Tbsp. Tumeric powder, more for taste
1 1/2 Tbsp. Salt, to taste
2 tsp. Accent seasonings
1 1/2 tsp. Hot pepper flakes, to taste
2 lbs. Mussels (half shell)
4 – 6 fresh Lemons, squeezed for juice
2 cans Coconut milk (I like Chaokoh brand)

NOTE:  Without the mussels, this dish can be eaten as a side  Adding in the mussels, will make it a meal. 😉

Open all the bags of thawed spinach and drain them in a large colander.  Make sure to remove all water by squeezing the leaves between your hands. Clean any debri or large barnacles you may find on the shell of the mussels.  Set them aside.










In a large pot, heat the vegetable oil on MEDIUM HIGH heat.  Add the onions and garlic and saute until slightly browned.










Add the spinach and stir to combine well with the garlic and onions.  Add the water.  Stir once again.  Continue cooking with heat on MEDIUM.










Add all the seasonings; Tumeric, salt, accent, and red pepper flakes.  Stir well to incorporate with the spinach.  Cover and allow to cook for about 5 minutes.  At the end of the cooking time, you’ll add more according to your tastes.










Start layering in the mussels, covering and fitting them in between the spinach.  Cover again and allow to cook for about 5 – 8minutes; stirring often.










After 5 – 8 minutes, remove lid and start adding the lemon juice.  I used 5 – 6 lemons, only because I like mine a bit tart. 😉  Add according to your desired taste.   Stir to combine well.











Next add in the cans of coconut milk.  Stir to combine well.  Taste and adjust seasoning.  Cook just under a boil.  Serve.  Refrigerate any leftovers.


Lemon Buttered Shrimp

I acquired this recipe from a co-worker who shared it on her facebook wall, in which I made fun of her and commented at how she didn’t share it with any of us.  I’ve tried a similar version of this many years ago, I believe it was Paula Deen’s recipe, and decided to make it again for New Year’s day.  It’s a simple recipe, very straight forward and easy to prepare, AND quick to cook as well!  Serve it up with some crusty french bread or any crusty bread of your choice, you’ll need it to sop up all the yummy juices that has cooked out.  Give it a try, won’t you? 😉

Served up with some crusty bread.....

Served up with some crusty bread…..

2 lbs. Medium – Large Shrimp, deveined (DO NOT PEEL)
1 cup REAL unsalted Butter (2 sticks)
3 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
3 fresh Lemons
2 Tbsp. ground Black pepper (YES! This much, trust me)
1 Tbsp. Garlic powder
1 1/2 tsp. Salt
1/4 tsp. Accent
2 – 3 Tbsp. Hot sauce (I used Texas Pete brand)
1/2 cup Green onions, chopped
Crusty Bread, for sopping yummy juices

Preheat oven to 400°.  Begin by melting 1 stick of butter in the microwave.  To this, add the Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, garlic powder, salt, accent, black pepper (trust me on this amount 😉 ), and lemon juice (from 2 lemons only).










Whisk these ingredients to combine well.  Wash the shrimp and allow to drain in a colander.  Pour them into a large mixing bowl.










Pour the butter mixture over the shrimp and toss to coat.  Add the green onions and toss well to combine.










Pour into a deep baking pan and spread out evenly into a single layer.










As if you thought you had enough already, NOT! 😉  Dot the tops of the shrimp with the remaining stick of butter and then slice the remaining lemon and place the slices over the tops of the shrimp.  Bake for 15 minutes, I didn’t have to stir at all, but you could.  Serve immediately, with some crusty bread or rolls.  ENJOY!