Easy Manju

….once again, this recipe was shared with me by my good ol’ friend Vikki!  Japanese Manju are those pillows of soft dough, surrounding a filling of sweetened Azuki beans and then steamed to perfection.  For those that don’t like the time consuming process of making Manju dough, using a can of biscuits and then steaming them, is the next best thing.  Give this technique a try, you’ll be very surprised!



1 (16.3 oz. can) GRANDS Biscuits (I used the Homestyle, Southern)
1 can Sweetened Red bean paste



NOTE:  Do not use the flakey biscuits or the ones that have several layers.

Begin by preparing your steamer according to manufacturer’s directions.

Open the can of beans, and if there are large pieces of beans, add them to a food processor and allow to process until there are no longer large pieces of beans.  Set this aside.










Open the can of biscuits.










On a cutting board or counter, using a rolling pin, roll them out thin.










Now, add about 1 tablespoon of sweetened beans to the center of each.










To seal, bring up the edges to meet in the center and then pinch them together, giving it a little twist to seal tightly.










Cut pieces of waxed paper and place a piece under each Manju.  This will prevent them from sticking to the steamer.










Carefully place them into the steamer basket, which should already be producing a rolling boil with steam; and allow them to steam for about 15 -20 minutes.


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