Sweet Tamales Mendioka

Sweet Tamales Mendioka (Cassava) has been a long time island favorite. A steamed dessert, that’s got a sweet coconut flavor, soft and sticky texture; studded with bits of young coconut; it’s a wonder why this a definite island treat.  My recipe is fast and easy, no fuss or muss.  Give it a try when you want to venture out and try something new…… 😉

tamales01 - Copy

2 (16 oz. pkgs.) grated Cassava, thawed completely and drained
1 cup Sugar
1 can Coconut milk
2 (16 oz. pkgs.) frozen Young coconut, thawed, optional
Foil pieces

Here are pictures of the ingredients I used to prepare this recipe.











Heat up the water in your steamer, according to your manufacturers instructions.  Lets start by opening the bags of cassava and draining most of their liquid.  Pour both bags into a large bowl.  Sometimes you will notice a few black bits of cassava peeling throughout the grated cassava. Remove those pieces when you do see them as well as any chunky bits.











Add the sugar and the DRAINED shredded young coconut.  Shake the can of coconut milk, before opening it.  Open and pour the whole can over the grated cassava, sugar, and coconut.











Stir to combine the mixture well.











Taking a sheet of foil, add 1/4 – 1/2 cup of the mixture to the center of the foil.











Now taking both top edges of the foil wrap, fold downward and continue to fold downward until you’re right over the top of the tamale mixture as shown in picture below.











Fold in both ends now, sealing the tamale completely, as shown below.  Continue doing this until all the mixture is used up.











Now, place them, singled layered in your steamer; which already should be putting out heavy steam.  Steam the tamales for about 20 – 25 minutes; but no longer than 30 minutes.  Once they’re done, remove from the steam and allow to cool completely.  If you decide to eat them while they’re still warm, they’ll still be gooey and sticky.  But they’re delicious either way, hot or cold…..ENJOY! 😉

NOTE: Refrigerate any leftovers!


12 thoughts on “Sweet Tamales Mendioka

  1. cant believe I actually know how to make this, I use to buy from this one lady, she goes around selling them and I would buy 10 pieces from her, I love them so much, thanks…..

  2. Thanks for the recipe! One bite and took me back in time of the stress free life, no iPhones, playing at the neighbors house across the dirt road, and walking to the store w/ 1.00 in spare change to buy some tamales for the afternoon snack 🙂

  3. I love your website!! I’ve yet to try any of your receipts but,. the way the directions are lay out is fantastic. I really don’t think I would have a problem following the instructions given……………….Thank you!

    • Anthony, you are so very welcome! My intention was to make this blog for my children, because they’d always call to ask how to make “this and that”, but it’s gone viral and I am so appreciative of the support and encouragement I’ve been getting on my blog. Cooking is my passion! Know that the recipes I post are all tried and true, and if it doesn’t taste good, I will not post it. Please come back and visit, and hopefully soon, you’ll be able to try a recipe or two.


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