ChamoritaMomma’s Red Velvet Cookies

Ahhh, Red Velvet Cookies!  What a delectable treat for the upcoming holidays, but of course, you don’t have to have a holiday to make these beautiful cookies.  Give these cookies a try and see why they’re a favorite in my home.

velvet cookies011


1 (8 oz.) pkg. Cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup Butter, softened (1 stick)
1 Egg
1 Tbsp. Vanilla paste OR extract
1 (18 oz.) box Red velvet cake mix
1/2 – 3/4 cup White chocolate chips, optional
Powdered sugar, for rolling and dusting


In a large bowl with an electric mixer, combine the cream cheese and butter; beat until smooth and creamy.

velvet cookies1










Add in the egg and mix to combine well.  Beat about 2 – 3 minutes.

velvet cookies2










Add the vanilla paste or extract, mix well.

velvet cookies4










Once the mixture is combined, and it’s smooth and creamy; add the dry cake mix and the optional white chocolate chips.

velvet cookies5velvet cookies6










Cover the dough and refrigerate for at least 2 hours until firm. This is so that you can roll the dough into balls. If you’d like, you can also chill dough overnight.

velvet cookies7











When you’re ready to bake the cookies, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Using a cookie scooper, roll the chilled dough into walnut sized balls and then roll them in powdered sugar.  NOTE:  Rolling the cookie dough WILL stain your hands because of the food coloring in the cake mix.

velvet cookies8velvet cookies9










Place onto a very lightly greased cookie sheet, about 2 inches apart. Bake for about 15 – 18 minutes, depending on your oven.

velvet cookies10










The cookies should be somewhat soft and gooey.   Cool completely!

velvet cookies11










VARIATIONS:  To make these even richer, you can top the cookies with cream cheese frosting OR make a sandwich of cream cheese frosting between 2 of the cookies, Mmmm!

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