My large hairy beasts…..

OMG! What a BUSY day I’ve had at work today! I’m so tired but still come home and tend to my garden! As many of you know, I’ve really taken off with my 4 raised beds that now I’ve expanded my garden to 10 raised beds, ALL 4×16 feet each.

Raised bed filled with "garden gold"

Raised bed filled with “garden gold”



Unfortunately, my German Shepherds have been on a digging spree lately and thought my newly constructed raised beds were there for their digging pleasure, NOT!  I had to get someone out quick to build a fence around my garden, otherwise I would be dealing with replacing dug up plants on a daily basis, “Ain’t got no time for that”!

I spy doggy prints....

I spy doggy prints….

So, it’s a relief to know that my precious veggies will be shielded from the digging paws of these large hairy beasts…..


post are setting

Posts are set in and cemented…..



So happy with the progress; now if the weather would just cooperate long enough to get everything done……




Until next time on my garden adventures……

My large, hairy, beasts....

My large, hairy, beasts….

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