Just another day in my garden…..

What a great morning I’ve had!!  I spent most of it in my garden weeding, thinning, and harvesting.  As most of you know, I’ve taken up gardening, which is not actually new to me, but another passion that I’ve put off, but not really sure why?

My little garden helper....

My little garden helper….

Basket full of gardening goodies....

Basket full of gardening goodies….

With coffee in one hand and my harvest basket on the other; this is how I started my day!

My decision to start a garden was actually spontaneous, after building a deck, we had leftover lumber that we didn’t know what to do with; hence the idea to make raised beds came to mind.


Crooked Neck Squash

I thought that gardening only happened in April and May; so I figured I was behind the “planting curve”, since this is the time when you sow your seeds and plant your summer vegetable crops. I’ve spent part of my summer just sitting back and watching and enjoying the “fruits of my labor” and picking at all the weeds.

I’ve come to notice that more serious gardeners are getting ready to plant what they call, their “Fall crops”, so guess what I’ll be doing?  YUP!   Planting for the Fall! Pumpkins, Collard greens, more squash, maybe some late bush beans, and who knows what else.

I've added more beds to my garden in preparation of my FALL plantings.....

I’ve added more beds to my garden in preparation of my FALL plantings…..

.....ahh, it does me proud to see this!

…..ahh, it does me proud to see this!

All in all, it was a great start of my day!  Now to head to the kitchen and create something with the “fruits of my labor”, LOL!  Hope you all enjoy your Sunday.


~ Rose

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