Chamorro Shrimp Patties

This is my “TRIED AND TRUE” recipe for Chamorro Shrimp Patties!  No island fiesta or bbq is complete without these yummy shrimp morsels on the table.   Give them a try and see why…..

shrimp patties1

2 eggs
1 (10 oz.) can evaporated milk
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons salt
3/4 teaspoon black pepper
2 teaspoons garlic powder
2 teaspoons onion powder
1 teaspoon Accent seasoning
2 lbs. medium/large RAW shrimp, thawed, peeled, deveined, and chopped or smashed
1 (10 oz.) package frozen mixed vegetables, completely thawed, and drained
About 4 cups vegetable oil, for deep frying

NOTE:  Make sure that the shrimp and mixed vegetable are completely thawed out, otherwise as it defrosts, it will water down the batter.


In a mixing bowl, beat the eggs with the evaporated milk. Add the flour, baking powder, and the seasonings. Mix until smooth.

This is the consistency of the batter.

This is the consistency of the batter.











Add the shrimp and mixed vegetables, combining well.

Combine the vegetables and chopped shrimp with the batter.....

Combine the vegetables and chopped shrimp with the batter…..

The batter combined with the shrimp and veggies.

The batter combined with the shrimp and veggies.











Heat oil in a 12-inch skillet to medium heat. Using a small scooper, drop batter and fry until golden brown.  Using a bamboo skewer, pierce the center of patty to make sure that skewer comes out clean. A little bit of dough will be on the skewer but as long as it’s not runny and wet looking, it should be done.

Drain on paper towels. Serve at room temperature. The key to having great tasting patties, is to make sure that your shrimp and vegetables are well thawed and drained. Any added liquid from these ingredients will thin out the batter, making for a flat patty and we don’t like FLAT patties, LOL!!

TIP: I usually fry 1 or 2 patties to taste and adjust seasoning if needed.

shrimp patties3shrimp patties





79 thoughts on “Chamorro Shrimp Patties

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  2. Prima, I always turn to your recipe when I volunteer to do shrimp patties for gatherings. Love it just the way it is… Pai’re’ri!

  3. I have read the comments regarding your recipe for shrimp patties. I have memories of the shrimp patties that my mother and aunties used to make. Your recipe is certainly, hands down, closer to what I have grown up eating. We never used canned vegetables or smashed the shrimp and other ingredients. We used blanched and chopped vegetables or frozen peas and corn as well as frozen corn. We used to use Accent because it enhanced the flavor, however, Accent or MSG is not recommended anymore. Eggs were definitely an important ingredient that we used. One last thing, we have always called it shrimp patties, not shrimp balls.

  4. For Bobbie 2016 , get over yourself! I have NEVER heard of SMASHING your vegetables! Whoever taught you how to do that is NOT Chamorro! For Chamorros Mama! There’s a good recipe, it’s like what my grandmother Ocha, cooked that way, with beer, she lessons the milk, let’s it sit for about 1hour!

    • RIGHT, I’m so sick of people what I g their “chamorro” receipts and there not “CHAMORRO” at all. And that white lady Dorothy, she’s not even an ounce of CHAMORRO.

      • Frances, for your information I am PURE CHAMORRO! My mom is from Saipan and my dad is from Guam! Not sure why you are so rude and criticizing a recipe that has worked for me and many other for years! If you don’t like the way I share my recipes, then that’s fine…..but when you proceed to criticize without proving YOURSELF worthy of a recipe worth sharing, then you need to just stop where you stand! Have you even tried making my recipe? If not, then you shouldn’t even waste my time with this hateful post…..

  5. Hi. I don’t know where you found or came up with the recipe. But, the original shrimp ball recipe (not patties), did not have eggs. With eggs, the recipe is heavy, and the patties feel like stones instead of fluffy. My mother made shrimp balls ever since we were stationed in Guam in 1964 for a few years. Never used Accent or baking powder. Also, the vegetables were pounded and smashed just like the shrimp. Canned veggies. Take off the label and clean the can. Smash the shrimp with it. You are also missing a can of corn. You remove the label on the corn and continue to pound and smash the mixed veggies. If possible, smash the corn too. Then fry as normal. Try a small batch the next time you make them, and notice the difference. Hafa Adai!

    • Hi Bobbie, thank you for your “opinion”, but my recipe is definitely delicious, fluffy, and soft. Have you given it a try before even posting? In looking at what you said, your ingredients sounds like YOUR “balls” would definitely be hard as a rock! No eggs OR no baking powder? I’ve made these “patties”for several decades now and it’s always proven itself. I’m full blooded Chamorro and have never in my life heard them referred to as Shrimp Balls. So unless you have even given my recipe a try, I’d appreciate you NOT commenting to any of them; btw, “Hafa Adai is usually used at the beginning and not in the end. Have a great day!

    • I have to say, I disagree 100% with you. I made these last night and these were a HUGE hit with my family! Light, tasty and utterly delicious and I followed the above recipe to the tee! I have to think you posted your comment just to ruffle our feathers!

    • Mysal, yes, you just have to refrigerate it right away. Make sure to use it the following day though as shrimp tends to spoil easily, I wouldn’t keep it any longer than that. You may have to freshen the baking powder if it doesn’t rise like the first day…..

    • I’m sure you can prepare the batter the night before BUT do not add the baking powder yet; add it right before you make the patties. Be aware that shrimp spoils easily though, so don’t make it too far in advance.

  6. I came across your recipe .and i was so glad I did.
    I’m from Chicago and yes it’s very hard to find an Asian
    Store around this place.And being married to a European
    is hard to cook our kind of food because they won’t eat
    the food.But to me more for me and my 6 yr old.
    Thanks for posting out recipes like these I made the shrimp patties and my little one loves it .
    Thank you

    • I’m married to a European as well and I live in Bosnia. I’ve made a few local dishes and yes…he can be a picky eater because he’s not used to the different varieties of foods we have on Guam. I’m still trying to get him to eat rice but he would rather eat bread instead! He does like corn soup and chicken adobo and spanish sausages…but try getting him to eat fried rice with spam….aiiii… I am determined to broaden his tastebuds because chicken, pig, lamb, cheese and bread ain’t gonna cut it for me!

  7. Hafa Adai, from mass. I just love the fact that I can tune in to your page.
    I am from Guam, miss the chamorro food & family. I also can cook some chamorro food.
    The only thing sis most store or markets don’t have the spices. My belated dad was from Philippines. But love the lumppa. Please keep posting receipts. This is awsome.
    Thanks again for what your doing. Makes me feel good to see our chamorro culture still carries the tradition . thanks again.

    • Hafa Adai Mass.,
      I once lived in Conn. & I know t/feeling of not finding “OUR” kind of Foods & Ingredients…
      I now reside in TX. w/my Siblings & I’m more than happy to get “OUR ISLAND ESSENTIALS” you’ll need out to you. Just give me a call.
      Esta & Stay Warm,
      (940) 580-8554.

  8. I made the shrimp patties using your ingredients and steps. Omg! I madey black elder friends try some. They kept on knocking on my door for more shrimp patties. Thank you for sharing your recipe…

  9. Thank You Thank You Thank You for posting this recipe. Now I’m going to make my Boss (Wife) Happy and surprise when I make this for her this weekend. Si Larry

  10. I have slot of friends are asking me to make shrimp patties and I I don’t make them. So last night I started to Google all kinds of recipes and I went into shrimp patties. I come across so many bug yours is the best so I am going to try it this weekend so my my children/ grand will tell me if it’s good. Maybe I will change some of menus for Christmas dinner.

    • Maggi, trust me, you will not be disappointed with my recipe! This is my “tried and true” recipe and it’s always been a hit whenever I make it. Let me know what the grandkids thought about it…..

      Si ChamoritaMomma

  11. Hello, I am from the northern province here in the Philippines and we have a similar recipe called almondigas by locals and it is best paired with pickled papaya or soy vinegar dip with chilies. Instead of the mixed vegetables, we use lots of spring onions. And instead of milk we use water. This snack food is usually cooked mid afternoon. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe I will definitely try this one soon.

  12. This is Great !! I would love And learn how to cook Chamorro Food,, I would like To have Some Ideas,,Anyways Am From The Island of Guam !!!

    • Julie, I hope my easy to follow, step by step, instructions help you to create your favorite Chamorro meals. Let me know if there is a dish you’d like to see.


      • I do like the Step to Step, And it. Dose Work So Much,,am Happy About It,, But I Would let You Know That I do Have A lot Of Favorite Food Back Home (Guam) theirs So Many,,,Is just I missed Eating Them And Learning How To Cook It,,Makeing it,,

  13. Love shrimp patties, actually one of my specialties..I have tried using crab meat, and delishious is breadfruit slice that’s if u like breadfruit. And no I do not use MSG, not no more..what would work and I have not tried it is fish, but that should really taste really good..should try this this weekend..

    • Thank you Julie! I’ve not tried it with the crab meat yet but have had it with the breadfruit growing up as a child. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to breadfruit though. I’m not sure if I’d like to try the fish in this recipe, let me know if you do? Thanks for visiting my blog!

      I appreciate any and all positive comments. Si Yu’us Ma’ase!

      ~Rose Camacho
      aka ChamoritaMomma

    • I actually came up with the email screen name “ChamoritaMomma” years ago because I am of course a “Chamorita” and also a mother of 4 kids. Hence, “ChamoritaMomma” was born… was added after I started posting more “from my kitchen” and my blog.

  14. My Grandma taught me NOT to purchase Accent from the regular stores but to go to the Asian market and purchase AjuMoto it is the same as Accent “MSG” and cost a lot less

    • You’re grandmother is very right! It’s is the same thing, but cheaper if you do get it in the bigger bags at the Asian market! But because I have others that don’t have access to Asian markets, I have to give them a substitute…..but Ajinomoto and Accent are one in the same!


    • Emjay, it all really depends on the size you make them? I’ve made a large roasting pan full by dropping “golf ball sized batter” into the oil. But I wouldn’t make them any bigger than that. If you use a small cookie scooper, you should get a fairly large amount, but make sure you cut the shrimp so that each patty has a shrimp or two in them.

  15. My friend passed away a year ago and this was her favorite food. She was from Guam and showed me all of her recipes. She always told me, “Debora, you are the only white girl that knows this recipe from my country”. I am so pleased that I found your website and can make this particular recipe. (I noticed there is no recipe for Lumpia?)

    • Hi Debora! My condolences to you on the passing of your friend 😦 I’ve only started my blog a few months now, and the dishes I’ve posted are created from when I make the meal for my family. Most of my cooking is done on the weekend, as I work full time and is sometimes too tired to document. Lumpias is on the list of dishes I plan on making. Please visit my blog often and I hope to have lumpias up soon. I hope you’ll share some of your friends recipes too. 😉 Thanks for stopping by…..

    • Yolly, I am not sure if you can or not? This is not a batter coating. Maybe you could break up the fish into small pieces and then try it that way? Please let me know if it works out for you?
      Thank you!

    • Tina, it’s located in your seasoning aisle near the salt and stuff. It’s used to enhance the flavors of any food, well, except sweets, LOL! It’s not necessary, but I do notice the difference when I do and don’t use it…’s an optional thing.

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